Can The Use Of Steam Mop Damage Your Floor

Can The Use Of Steam Mop Damage Your Floor?

Keeping your house hygienic is an important factor to consider if you are looking for a healthy lifestyle. A clean house minimizes the exposure of your family to bacteria and viruses that multiplies every day. A steam mop is one such electronic device that helps you keep your house sanitary.

Steam mop disinfects bacteria by cleaning your floor using steam and heat. There is a small chamber in the mop that can store water. When the mop is turned on, the water gets heated and flushed into the cleaning cloth attached to the cleaning surface of the mop.

Consequences of Steam Moping on Different Floor Type

Steam mopping indeed provides better cleaning compared to regular mops. However, some care needs to be taken depending on the type of floor you want to mop! These are discussed below:

Polished Solid Wood Flooring

If your house is carpeted with watertight hardwood flooring, then there is nothing much to worry about. However, if your hardwood floor is not properly sealed then steam might penetrate through the woods and dampen it damaging your floor.

Engineered Wood Flooring

This type of processed wood is defenseless to steam. They are manufactured in layers and joined together using adhesives. When steam penetrates through the wood surface, the adhesives between the layers get exposed to moisture. This loosens the bonds between the layers damaging the flooring.

Particle Board Flooring

It is really a bad idea to mop this type of floors using steam. They are made of fiber sheets or particle boards flattened in layers using epoxy resin. Vapor from the steam can make your flooring damp and swollen. After few times of steam mopping, these boards can actually wear off and needs to be replaced completely.

Tiles Flooring

Steam mops and tiles are a great combination for keeping your house hygienic. It doesn’t damage your tile floors. You can steam mop your floors as much as you want without any worries. Some steam mops allows addition of floor cleaning liquids. You can have super clean floors if you grab one of them.

Marble Flooring

Most house owners having marble flooring in their house prefers steam mopping. A steam mop provides good cleaning disinfecting bacteria and viruses from marble flooring. However, it is not recommended to use high temperature steam in areas where cavities are present in the marble. Porous marbles are sensitive to steam.

Tile Separating Lines

These are line gaps that are formed between two tiles when they are laid on floors. These gaps are usually filled with cement putty so that dirt doesn’t accumulate in these gaps. Relax! Steam cleaning these separating lines is not an issue. You can also use floor cleaning detergents with your mop to clean these lines.


If you are thinking of using a steam cleaner to keep your house clean, it is actually a good idea to get one. However, you should take note of your flooring type before buying one since not all floor types are perfectly suitable for steam cleaning.